No Chemicals? Try Herbal Dandruff Treatment November 25, 2010

Your grandmother probably knows more about traditional effective methods than you do. And there’s no harm in listening to her once in a blue moon. A more experienced person will possibly suggest herbal treatment for all kinds of ailment. Dandruff is no less than a disease and herbal cure is preferable because all other products claiming to alleviate dandruff from your hair contain chemicals which in one way or the other so harm your hair. So here are some herbal shampoos which will help you come out of this embarrassing problem.

Himalaya anti dandruff shampoo: – It controls dandruff, nourishes and strengthens hair. Made from tea tree oil, the most effective solution of dandruff, it controls itching, cools and cleanses the scalp.

Herbal Essence’s Anti Dandruff Shampoo: – Herbal Essences claims that their product active ingredient helps eliminate itching tightness, dryness and flakes. Believing all these promises, there is no harm in trying this out.

Apart from these the age old mantra of oiling hair and then wrapping a warm damp towel is the most effective. Your kitchen is a magic place from where you can procure almost all ingredients of an amazing mixture to control dandruff. Some of these ingredients are:-

” LEMON- It is the best remedy for curing dandruff. It plays an exception role in the removal. Rubbing and massaging lemon peel on the scalp also helps to a great extent. Just go to your nearest supermarket and grab that lemon.

” Ginger juice and beetroot juice mixed together and applied on the scalp is another effective therapy.

” Massaging scalp with a mixture of almond and olive oil also helps. So even if your teenage child cribs, don’t listen and put that mixture on his/her scalp. After all its for their benefit.

” Curd leftover from last night’s dinner? Don’t worry…just put it on your scalp, leave for one hour, shampoo and notice the results. Dandruff gone.

” Vinegar mixed in hot water in the ratio 1:3 and applied on the scalp reduces both dandruff and lice.

” Aloe Vera Gel- It helps to reduce the shedding of dead skin from the scalp. It has to be rubbed on the scalp for 10-15 minutes and then normal shampoo has to be used.

” Did I tell you that your kitchen is a wonder place? The green gram powder found there mixed with curd is a cure that no one can beat.

” “PARACHUTE SE CHAMPI” helps a lot. Apply coconut oil for a few weeks and after that voila!…dandruff vanishes.

The above mentioned methods and shampoos work well if you don’t want to opt for a chemical treatment. Obviously cheaper but more effective in curing disease. Our environment is a store house of remedies which can never fail. Now you have a number of solutions to get rid of that excess flaking and not feel humiliated. Just go for the easiest one and show your beautiful hair to the world.

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