Dandruff? Try Nizoral November 21, 2010

Tired with experimenting with different products but still the dandruff problem persists? Then here is an absolute solution. NIZORAL ANTI DANDRUFF SHAMPOO contains the active ingredient “Ketoconazole” which vigorously fights with the fungus causing dandruff and kills it by interfering with its cell membrane. Nizoral Shampoo should be used with proper care. Follow the directions below for maximum effect:-

Hair should be washed twice weekly for two to four weeks with NIZORAL SHAMPOO.

It should be left for three to four minutes before rinsing.

Once the scalp has been cleared up, the usage can come down to once every one to two weeks.

But just like other medicines, this cure also comes with side effects. Be on a look out of the below signs while using NIZORAL.

Burning Sensation


Allergic inflammation of skin

Dry or oily hair

Hair Loss

Discoloration of hair

The shampoo has its limitations. Read the ingredients carefully and if you are allergic to any then don’t use the anti dandruff solution. Also as this medicine is not absorbed into the blood stream therefore it should not be harmful during pregnancy.

Some of the necessary warnings come in handy like:-

The medicine is for external use only.

Avoid getting the shampoo in the eyes.

If the scalp is not clear after four weeks of usage then consult your doctor.

This is a sure shot solution for your embarrassing problem of dandruff. It can give you dandruff free hair and leave you feeling happy and satisfied.

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