Clean Head And Shoulders December 2, 2010

The experts of “HEAD AND SHOULDERS” believe that they create products which care for your scalp and nurture for your hair. Many of its customers agree with this fact and are all praises for it dandruff removing property. The brand claims to provide you with seven benefits which are:-

No dryness

Calming of itching

Relieving irritation

Reducing redness

Controlling oiliness

Removing flakes

Leaving beautiful hair

If all these promises are to be believed then it surely is a fantabulous brand for all your hair worries. You get removal of flakes, beautiful hair, no itching and irritation. What more do you demand? Lets have a look at the products.

CLASSIC CLEAN: – It leaves your hair clean manageable and dandruff-free. I have always been looking for tamed hair. It is a daily use shampoo with mild effects. You need not be cautious while using this. Your hair will be soft, fresh, light and easy to manage.

CITRUS BREEZE: – The shampoo with a citrus solution which is itself a remedy for curing dandruff since time a memorial. It cleanses your scalp and hair and makes them 100% flake-free.

REFRESH: – As the name suggests, it refreshes the scalp and hair. It contains menthol for a cooling sensation. It is a fresh and lively two in one shampoo in the head and shoulders range of products. It stimulates the senses due to cooling.

OCEAN LIFT:- Breathes life back into your dull and frizzy hair. It is a two in one shampoo which is blended with sea mineral essence. You will definitely get supple and flake free hair.

EXTRA VOLUME:- It obviously adds volume to your limp hair. It adds natural volume to your hair so that they once again look beautiful. In addition to this feature they are also designed to give you manageable and flake free hair. Isn’t this wonderful?

SMOOTH AND SILKY:-  It can smoothen your usually frizzy hair. It moisturizes your hair. It leaves hair smooth and reduces dandruff almost 100%. It also helps in reducing split ends.

DRY SCALP CARE:- This shampoo takes care of your dry scalp. It eases itching. It leaves the scalp soothed and reduces about 50% frizz. This shampoo cleanses the scalp and reduces dandruff.

SENSITIVE CARE:- It is especially designed for sensitive scalp. It removes dandruff from the scalp. It is dermatologically tested. Leaves hair soft and shiny.

RESTORING SHINE:- It gives beautiful natural shine to the hair. It contains natural plant extracts which purify the scalp and hair. You will be left with clean and flake free hair.

HAIR ENDURANCE:- Formulated with hydra-zinc, it helps restore healthy scalp. It also adds volume to thin hair.

INTENSIVE TREATMENT:- It is formulated to help you get rid of persistent dandruff. It starts fighting dandruff from the first wash. It helps to prevent itching and redness.

Whoa! It seems as if all the products are focused in removing dandruff which is your prior problem and leaving you with beautiful hair. You can try any one of them. I seriously read the customers comments and they don’t get tired praising it. Try for yourself.

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