Dandrudff-Myths and Facts November 28, 2010

This disease is linked with many myths which are obviously wrong. So here are some of them which will clear your misunderstanding and give you a clear view. Do read these and aware your friends and family.

MYTH Stress causes dandruff

FACT Stress can never actually cause dandruff. However it can augment the problem by                  affecting our body’s ability to fight Malassezia fungus which is the main cause of dandruff.

MYTH Dandruff is more common in people with dry scalp

FACT Absolutely wrong! Dry scalp simply proves lack of moisture or oil and it may lead to small dry flakes but these flakes does not count to dandruff. This is because dandruff flakes are lager in size, white in color and oily.

MYTH Wearing your favorite hat may cause dandruff

FACT Wearing a hat will not cause dandruff but it will aggravate the dandruff condition by not allowing sweat to evaporate.

MYTH Washing hair frequently controls dandruff.

FACT You would have probably spend more than 2 hours a day in the bathroom washing your hair if this was true. The best way to fight dandruff is to use anti-dandruff shampoo which fights with the actual cause.

MYTH Dandruff is contagious

FACT Probably you don’t like to sit with a person having white flakes on his/her shirt but calling that disease communicable is absolutely not fair. Dandruff can never spread from one person to another.

MYTH Only adults have dandruff

FACT If you are below 12 then you may be right in thinking so but teenagers need to revive their thinking. Dandruff typically occurs during the teenage years. Today, over 50% of the teenagers are a patient to dandruff.

MYTH Poor hygiene causes dandruff.

FACT Hygiene and dandruff are not at all linked. This is because dandruff is caused due a fungus which can grow on your scalp even if you have the best hygiene in the world.

MYTH Blow drying reduces dandruff.

FACT Blow drying may make your hair look beautiful on a particular night but it only damages your hair in the long run. It never contributes in the reduction of dandruff.

MYTH Baldness and dandruff go hand in hand.

FACT This is the most common understanding among people that dandruff is the only cause for hair fall. However this has never been proved. They may occur simultaneously but the fact that one is the reason for the other is a misconception till now.

MYTH Dandruff is seasonal.

FACT You would have hated a particular season if this was so. But the fact is dandruff can occur in all seasons. Extreme conditions like acute heat or cold are a reason for aggravation of dandruff condition.

MYTH Dandruff treatments can decolorize color treated hair.

FACT Most of the anti-dandruff shampoos available today are color-friendly. They do not decolorize your perfectly colored hair. You need not worry while treating dandruff about your colored hair.

Most of the myths have been busted in this article. Do correct yourself if you believe in any of these.

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