Fenugreek Seeds November 26, 2010

The use of fenugreek seeds for curing dandruff is an age old method. Dandruff is caused when dead skin cells are pushed to the scalp and the fall off. All of us are always on a look out for a cure of this disease. And fenugreek seeds provide a natural cure.Even my grandmother used these seeds as a remedy for her dandruff in her teenage years. And she is 70 years old today. So you can imagine since how long this method has been prevailing.

ü  Soak two table spoons of these seeds in water and leave it overnight. This is done so that the seeds become soft. Grind this into a paste in the morning using a mortar and pestle and apply it over your scalp. Leave it for about half an hour. The hair has to be washed thoroughly after this. Use this remedy twice a week in the beginning and when you notice a change in the severity of dandruff then you can minimize the usage.

ü  Nothing should be wasted. The water in which you soaked the seeds in can be used as an after shower hair tonic. When your hair has dried naturally after the wash, soak a cotton ball in this liquid and apply it to your scalp. This is the simplest method you can use for flake free hair.

ü  Crush a table spoon of fenugreek seeds and mix it with five table spoons of warm oil. You can use coconut oil or olive oil. After the solution has cooled, apply on your scalp and leave for 2 hours. Then wash and rinse it off.

You can find these seeds in health stores. They have a bitter taste. They are the primary fungus removing agents and since the main cause of dandruff is fungus, so fenugreek seeds are so effective.But being a natural cure, it is considered to be most effective. No chemicals. Your hair is protected. Fenugreek seeds in no way can damage your hair. In fact they help in the growth of your hair and also prevents hair fall. It cleanses the scalp as well. So, just go to your nearest confectioner and buy them. You will never regret this. In addition to curing dandruff, these seeds have more uses as well. It can be used in case you have bad breath or body odor. It helps to free the body from toxins. It had a soothing effect on stomach and intestine. Moreover the best positive point of using them is that very few people are allergic to them. What more reasons do you want? Go and buy them.

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