Flaky Scalp? November 27, 2010

Frequent white flakes on your new dark colored top are the signs of the most common scalp disorder known as “DANDRUFF”. Affecting almost half of the people at a young age, this ailment is caused by the excess shedding of dead skin cells from scalp which are pushed to the surface and becomes visible. The sources of this Pityriasis Simplex Capillitii(Dandruff) are as follows:-

Ø  Rapid replacement of epidermal layer which pushes old and dead cells upward

Ø  Oily skin which produces more dead skin cells

Ø  Individual susceptibility

Ø  Triggers like extreme heat and cold

Ø  Certain illness

Ø  Social or self esteem problems

Ø  Salty, sugary or spicy diets aggravate the dandruff condition

Often regarded as the sole reason for hair fall, but studies have shown that dandruff does not contribute to hair loss. Rather this disorder is accompanied by other symptoms like:-

Ø  White flakes of skin on scalp

Ø  Itchy and tight scalp

Ø  Red flaky greasy patches of skin

Ø  Severe rash on scalp

“Prevention is better than cure” is a proverb which rightly suits here. We can prevent the origin of dandruff by following some simple steps like:-

Ø  Avoiding hair gels and other hair products that irritate the scalp

Ø  By not scratching the scalp

Ø  Keeping away from dyes

Ø  Keeping stress at bay

Ø  Avoiding extreme weather

The above preventions may help in controlling the initiation of dandruff but if it has already started then you will have to look for other treatments to thwart yourself from becoming a victim to this embarrassing problem.

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