Look Fantastic November 22, 2010

If “Beautiful hair are a priority” to you but you suffer from that excess flaking on the scalp and feel embarrassed then “L’Oreal” presents you a solution. The company claims on focusing all their energy and know-how to make cosmetics. The brand’s “lookmantastic 10” winner shampoo “HOMME PURETE” is effective from the very first application. It reduces the occurrence of flakes. Its main ingredient is magnesium which is known for its fortifying properties and zinc pyrithione to leave hair flake free.

Not just shampoo but the company had also launched “HOMME SCULPTE-SCULPING FIBRE PASTE”. It styles hair to perfection. Many of the customers agree to the fact that it gives excellent results. It delivers supple flexible hold for a textured look.

Another product in this range is “HOMME TONIQUE”. It adds brilliance to normal hair and leave you feeling revitalized. It is most suitable for color-treated hair. Extreme heat or cold and changes in weather can damage your hair and increase flaking. This product makes sure to protect you from this damage and leave your hair feeling soft and shiny. It contains radical agents and cocoa bean extracts to add brilliance to hair texture.

L’Oreal knows that men’s scalp has more dandruff than women. So it has launched products especially formulated to reduce dandruff on men’s scalp. Its products are:-

¨      ELVIVE ANTI-DANDRUFF:- It is a powerful 2 in 1 shampoo with conditioner. It reduces the visibility of the flakes and stops them from shedding. It leaves the scalp feeling smooth and fresh and hair shinier and softer.

¨      ELVIVE ANTI DANDRUFF (no particular name as above):- It is also a 2 in 1 shampoo. It reduces flakes and cleanses the scalp.

Now men have a chance to flaunt their lovely hair and gather praises and appreciations from women. I bet no one of you would want to lose that opportunity. Then why not go to a medical store and buy one of the above mentioned shampoos. L’Oreal is a trusted and respected brand in the hair industry so you need not worry before buying its products.

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