Clear All Dandruff December 1, 2010

The brand name “CLINIC ALL CLEAR” or simply “CLEAR” undoubtedly proves the products ability to clear all dandruff from your scalp. The brand’s main motives are to remove dandruff and reduce hair fall.  Not just one but the company has launched four new products in its series that claim to fight dandruff.  They are:-

CLEAR ICE COOL: – It relaxes your head as well as refreshes and cools your scalp. It also helps to reduce dandruff.

CLEAR HAIRFALL DEFENSE: – It not only provides protection against hair fall but also eliminate dandruff from the hair.

CLEAR SOFT GLOSS: – It is powered with the twin advantage i.e.  cleartech soft and essential oils. It nourishes hair, makes them glossy and fights dandruff.

CLEAR RADIANT BLACK: – It gives a black shine to your beautiful hair and struggles to remove dandruff from them.

The brand is well aware of the fact that men are attacked more by this ailment than women. Keeping in mind their plight, it has launched specially formulated Anti-dandruff shampoo for men. The two shampoos in this range are:-

Clinic all clear activsport

Clinic all clear hairfall decrease

These two shampoos are formulated to reduce the production of oil on the scalp of more athletic men who tend to sweat comparatively more. It leaves them feeling fresh and confident. Now no need to hesitate in front of your girl friend or friends. Just go to your nearest drug store and buy “CLINIC ALL CLEAR FOR MEN” to gain that extra confidence and of course impress girls.

Even our bollywood actors agree to the faithfulness of CLINIC ALL CLEAR products. Stars like John Abraham, Bipasha Basu and Shahid Kapoor are advertising the brand and have full faith in their advertised products. And why not…After all they are all effective products.

During the promotion, the company claimed that getting rid of dandruff is as easy as peeling a discount coupon (they also offered one). Why not try it?

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